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NIMCET 2020: Complete Details

Participating Institute1.MNNIT Allahabad 2.NIT Agartala 3.MANIT Bhopal 4.NIT Calicut 5.NIT Jamshedpur 6.NIT Raipur 7.NIT Kurukshetra 8.NIT Warangal 9.NIT Surathkal 10.NIT Trichy Application Processing Fee and Document•Rs. 2,500/- for OPEN/OBC Category •Rs. 1,250/-for SC/ST/PwD Category •All the relevant documents (duly self attested and then scanned) should be uploaded along with the online application form. Eligibility Criteria 1.Qualification: B.Sc/B.Tech/BE/B.Sc(Hons)/ or minimum 3 […]

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Complete Information of UPSEE 2020 for B.Tech: Important Dates, Syllabus, Eligibility Criteria, marking Scheme,

Eligibility Criteria for B.Tech The subject combination required in the qualifying examination (intermediate examination of U.P. Board or 10+2 level examination or its equivalent) for admission to first year of different courses shall be as follows: Eligibility Criteria for B.TechLateral Entry •Candidates who have passed (with/without grace) three years Engineering Diploma from an Institution located in U.P. with minimum 45% […]

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UPSEE-2020 (Uttar Pradesh State Entrance Examination 2020)

For UG and PG Courses First Year of B. Tech./B.Arch./B.Des./B.Pharm./ BHMCT/BFAD/BFA/B. Voc./MBA/MBA(Integrated) /MCA/MCA(Integrated)/M. Tech. (Integrated) M. Tech.*/M. Arch.*/MURP*/M. Pharm.*/M. Des.* & Second Year of B. Tech./B.Pharm./MCA (Lateral Entry)    Important Dates •Application Form Filling Starts from 27th January 2020 •Last date : 15th March 2020 •Online Partial Correction of Filled and submitted Form: 16th March to 3rd April 2020 •Downloading […]

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GUI Calculator Project Using python

from tkinter import *exp = “”def input(num):global expexp = exp + str(num)eq.set(exp)def Result():try:global exptotal = str(eval(exp))eq.set(total)exp = “”except:eq.set(” error “)exp = “”def CE():global expexp = “”eq.set(“”)if name__==”__main“:win = Tk()win.configure(background=”blue”)win.title(“LearnTechToTech Calculator”)win.option_add(‘*Font’, ‘arial 15 bold’)win.geometry(“580×400”)eq = StringVar() Display = Entry(win,relief=RIDGE, textvariable=eq,justify=’right’,bd=25)eq.set(‘0’) Display.grid(columnspan=4, ipadx=100) btn1 = Button(win, text=’ 1 ‘, fg=’black’, bg=’red’,command=lambda: input(1),bd=10, height=2, width=10)btn1.grid(row=1, column=0) btn2 = Button(win, text=’ 2 ‘, fg=’black’, […]

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What is Malware?

It is a program used to unauthorized access the computer by the third party for their benefit. Type of Malware •Virus •Worms•Ransomeware •Spyware •Trojan Horse •Keyloggers Virus •A Virus is a malicious executable program attached to another executable file. •It harms your system by modifying and deleting data. •It spread from system to system with the file. •Virus will do […]

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Question #1: #include<stdio.h> void main() {   int const *cp;   int Res,Num=90;   cp=&Num;   Res=++(*cp);   printf(“%d”,Res); } 90 91 Compiler Error Address of Num Question #2: #include<stdio.h> #define CUBE(x) x*x*x void main() {   int Res;   Res=8/CUBE(2);   printf(“%d”,Res); } 2 4 1 16 Question #3: #include<stdio.h> #define CUBE(x) (x*x*x) void main() { int Res; Res=8/CUBE(1+1); […]

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Important Questions on C Language for Placement Drives #2

Question #1: #include<stdio.h> void main() {        int m=10,n=5,Res;        Res=m++ + ++n;        printf(“%d”,Res); } 16 11 5 16 11 6 15 11 6 17 11 6 Question #2: #include<stdio.h> void main() {      extern float Num;      Num=99.9;      printf(”%f”,Num); } Undefined reference to Num 99.9 No Output Runtime Error Question #3: #include<stdio.h> void main() { float *Ptr […]

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Important Questions on C Language for Placement Drives

Question #1: #include<stdio.h> void main() {      int a=10,b=90;      printf(“%d”); } 90 10 Compilation Error Runtime Error Question #2: #include<stdio.h> void mian() {      printf(“%d”,printf(“Learn TechToTech”)); } Learn TechToTech 0 1 Error Question #3 #include<stdio.h> void main() { int Num; printf(“%d”,scanf(“%d”,&Num)); //Suppose input is 23 } 0 1 23 Error Question #4 #include<stdio.h> void main() { int Res; Res=(8&7) […]

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Some important C Programs

//Write a C Program to convert lower case to upper case and vice versa #include<stdio.h> void main() { char ch; printf(“Enter the Character:”); scanf(“%c”,&ch); if(islower(ch)) printf(“%c”,toupper(ch)); else printf(“%c”,tolower(ch)); } //Write a C Program to display the ASCII value with characters #include<stdio.h> void main() { int Num; for(Num=0;Num<=255;Num++) printf(“%d=%c\n”,Num,Num); } //Write a program to calculate the factorial of a Numbers #include<stdio.h> […]

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NIMCET-2018 Alert (NIT MCA Common Entrance Test 2018)

Participating Institute NITs of following Cities: 1.Allahabad 2.Agartala 3.Bhopal 4.Calicut 5.Durgapur 6.Jamshedpur 7.Raipur 8.Kurushetra 9.Warangal 10.Surathkal 11.Tiruchirappalli Eligibility Criteria 1.Qualification: B.Sc/B.Tech/BE/ or minimum 3 years full time with Mathematics/Statistics/equivalent as one of the subject from recognized university. 2.Appearing students of the qualifying exam can also participate. 3.Marks: 6.5 CGPA or 60% marks aggregate in Graduation. Exam pattern Computer : 10 […]

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Connection of MySQL and Python using PyMySql

Connection of MySQL and Python using PyMySql 1. Executing SQL query in Python Using PyMySql: Execute the SQL query by using the Python Programming Language and pyMysql. Here I have taken the Book database from the MySQL to display the result. import pymysql myConn=pymysql.connect(host=’localhost’,user=’root’,password=’root123′, db=’Db_py’) print (“Connection Established!”) sql = “Select B_id, B_Name, Price,Author from Book Where B_id = %s […]

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C Program for Different Pattern

Question 1: * ** *** **** ***** #include<stdio.h> void main() { int i,j,n; printf(“Enter the Number of lines:”); scanf(“%d”,&n); for(i=n;i>=1;i–) { for(j=n;j>=i;j–) printf(“*”); printf(“\n”); } } Question 2: ***** **** *** ** * #include<stdio.h> void main() { int i,j; for(i=5;i>=1;i–) { for(j=i;j>1;j–) printf(“*”); printf(“\n”); } } Question 3: * *      * *      *      * […]