What you Get from my WebSite

What you Get from my WebSite

You can learn programming language, latest technologies, Mobile application development, Hands on problem solving in my website by watching the YouTube videos By clicking on the following Link:


Subscribe to the YouTube Channel for getting the notification of all my new videos. Also if you have any problem in programming or setup than comment your query and I definitely response you within 24 hours.

Goal of this website(www.learnfromrakesh.com)

I developed all the study material in terms of videos or any thing else by consistent working from last 10 months. Definitely students as well as new faculties get benefited with  this site. Anything you want from my side, than please ask to me. The ultimate goal of my site is to serve the people of technology without spending any money or cost. because I feel very bad when students pay money in today’s world where everything is in Internet. I developed al the material by keeping in mind for the Indian students as well as abroad students.

Support from Audiences(Friends, Students, Faculty , Teachers)

I just want support from my students first, please learn the technology from my website and YouTube Channel. Also suggest your friends, brothers, sisters, family members and teachers for my website http://www.learnfromrakesh.com and YouTube Channel. Also I want to support from my faculty colleagues to suggest your students and suggest me for anything improvements are required for the website and channel.

I am requesting to my teachers from school to colleges , please blessed me for doing hard work for improving the content , so that one day every students of India will be the visitors of my website and channel.

Future Plan of My Site

Already more than 160 videos are available in this site where you can learn the following Programming Language/Technologies:

  • Go Programming Language
  • Python Programming Language
  • Internet of Things
  • C|C++ Programming Language
  • Placement Tips
  • Placement and Interview Questions
  • Gaming Development using GDevelop
  • Unix/Linux
  • KAA Open Source
  • Arduino IDE  and many More

In Future I always upload the latest technologies content related to programming, Databases, Technology, Tech news etc regularly and also I develop the contents on-demand according to the requirement from the students and faculties. There is a Plan to upload at least one videos daily in the YouTube Channel “Learn TechToTech“.

Who can access my Website

Everyone can access my site for enhancing the knowledge on IT technology. Because , Now a days everyone required a knowledge of IT for enjoying the latest equipment from the market whether they are Mobile, Smart TV or Home Appliances.